Love of art was in it as a child. Hence the choice of graphics, then a distant drawing course because computers did not yet exist. After that, I continued to draw and paint. I worked mostly in sketchbooks. In addition to portraying all the subjects, I was always working in many styles. I experimented with cubes and I started putting that on canvas. My family name and moving into a block (apartment building) made this concept stick. The idea of putting an image in that abstract also became my thing.

The works under the heading [unblocked] have a central theme of liberation. I impose an almost absurd restriction on myself to engage in imaginative exploration just with that. In today’s world thinking, people want to make everything fit into boxes, forgetting all too easily that everything is part of a greater whole. The choice of topic also plays into this. No theme is shunned in the process. An innate social critical thinking – whether or not supplemented with a cheerful twist – yet always pleasant to watch. It zooms in on elements that the ordinary passerby passes by. Or just the opposite, distance is taken so that a rhythm emerges that is more eloquent than any objective representation.

In the constant play between abstact and figurative, several images are created simultaneously. There is the frivolity with the material, the powerful character of each block in itself, the cohesion of the blocks among themselves, the overall concept of a work and finally the whole image (which only really unfolds from a greater distance). Considering things from as many sides as possible at once is therefore one of the great motivations. So that you are sucked into a rich experience of our contemporary world.